Nexus™ System Workbench Accessories Ideal for Technical and Electric Applications

Jan. 5, 2006

Lista International Corporation introduces the Nexus™ System, a highly functional and flexible workbench accessory solution. This advanced accessory system is designed to meet the needs of multiple applications, such as electronics, research, assembly, and technical work.

The Nexus System can be custom designed to meet specific needs. The heavy-gauge upright frames have notches in both the front and back, enabling the user to mount accessories on either side. Accessories include tool rails, lights, shelves, pivoting arms, and monitor/accessory trays. Electrical and air power attachments can be added as well. Overhead cabinets can be added for storage of larger, bulky items and books.

The Nexus System has been ergonomically designed, delivering easy accessibility with no stretch or strain, reducing the risk of injury and increasing productivity. This unique accessory system can be retrofitted to an existing Lista workbench or other manufacturer's workbenches. And like other Lista products, the Nexus System is modular in design, allowing for easy reconfiguration and maximum space utilization.