Reliable Networking with Weidmuller’s Industrial Ethernet Overvoltage Protection Modules

Jan. 6, 2006

Weidmuller’s Ethernet Overvoltage Protection Modules are designed to be used in between network nodes, and can be connected in series with the Ethernet switches, routers and media converters. Incorporated straight into Ethernet data cables in front of the devices, the OVP modules protect Ethernet ports against voltage and current surges. The OVP module features quick response suppression diodes that respond within a nanosecond of a surge detection to guarantee a high level of protection for signal lines. Surges are safely redirected via a ground connection and the interference voltage is limited to a safe level below 45V. Weidmuller’s Ethernet OVP modules can be used both inside and outside control panel cabinets that do not require an IP67 protection rating. They are available in versions for both DIN-rail and wall mounting.

In addition to Ethernet Overvoltage Protection Modules, Weidmuller also offers managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches, industrial routers, media and protocol converters, electrical cables (patch and network cables), and optical Ethernet cables, cable entry systems, connection modules, cable testers, Ethernet outlets, connection sockets, front plate interfaces, markers, RJ45 dust caps, couplers, plugs, installation flanges, Class 2 approved 24V DC power supplies, and installation and maintenance tools.