Select-Arc Offers Two New Metal Cored Electrodes

Jan. 5, 2006
Fort Loramie, OH – Select-Arc, Inc., has introduced two metal cored electrodes which are ideally suited for handling applications which require greater tolerance of mill scale and rust. Select 70C-6LS is a carbon steel, gas-shielded, composite metal cored electrode which produces substantially fewer slag islands than typical metal cored products. This wire delivers outstanding weld bead appearance with excellent tie-in, a smooth spray transfer and virtually no spatter. Like Select 70C-6LS, Select 70C-7 features an exceptionally smooth arc transfer and a low spatter level to minimize post-weld cleanup, making it well suited for weldments that require painting. This electrode’s low fume levels (40% less than conventional metal cored wires) reduce worker exposure in more difficult-to-weld areas. Typical applications for both metal cored products include car and truck frames, thin-walled tanks, structural steels and earthmoving equipment.