MY Rodless Cylinder Product Line Expanded

Jan. 5, 2006
Indianapolis, IN – SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products, has announced the release of Series MY2 and MY3 Rodless Cylinders. The MY2 and MY3 Rodless Cylinders use low profile designs to save space compared to typical rodless cylinders. Height, length and weight savings of 30% or more are achievable compared to conventional rodless cylinder designs with similar load and thrust ratings. For high precision linear transfer applications in narrow spaces, series MY2 is the rodless cylinder of choice. For low cost, basic linear motion in a compact design, the MY3 cylinder is an excellent option. The MY2 Rodless Cylinder is supplied complete with air cushions and centralized piping - all versions have a stroke adjusting unit, are double acting, and do not require lubrication. For ease of maintenance, the drive cylinder may be replaced without removing the work piece. The slide is designed to allow for easy mounting and adjustment of SMC’s extensive selection of position sensing switches. Centralized air piping and a choice of T-slot or through-hole mounting allows for flexibility in mounting orientation. The MY2 rodless cylinder is available in several sizes with a range of thrust forces and stroke lengths. Thrust forces from 40N to 1005N are available. Cylinder strokes extend from 100mm to 5000mm. Slide table load capability goes up to 80 kilograms. The operating ambient/fluid temperature range is 5 to 60 deg. C. Unit weights vary from about 1.5 kilograms for the smallest size, up to 75 kilograms for the largest size. Maximum operation speed is 1500 mm/second. The MY3 Rodless Cylinder is an unguided rodless cylinder with very compact height and length. The MY3 was designed to offer the same functionality of SMC's MY1B rodless cylinder in a more compact and lightweight package. The small size was achieved by a utilizing a unique, low profile piston design. The MY3 cylinder is available in four bore sizes: 16, 25, 40, and 63mm. Options include floating joints, stroke adjusters, side supports, and auto switches. The stroke adjuster and shock absorber are integrated into a low profile design. Auto switches can be mounted on both sides from the front direction. Using side supports, the cylinder tube can be fixed from the upper or lower side. Long stroke of up to 3000mm are available. MY Rodless Slides are designed to meet or exceed a life of 3,000 kilometers when properly used within specifications. Maintenance parts are available to further extend the life of the cylinder. SMC Corporation manufactures high quality actuators and cylinders, airline and air preparation equipment, high-purity products, instrumentation, and a host of fittings and accessories applicable to the industrial automation industry. SMC has 14 production facilities, three of which are in North America –California, Indiana, and Ontario, Canada. SMC’s global presence allows them to provide quality customer service in any part of the world.