Dapra Marking Systems now offers the new Technomark Multi 4 modular marking machine. This unit is ideal for manufacturing operations with a wide range of direct part marking needs.

The versatile Technomark Multi 4 shows its flexibility with four easily configured versions: a fixed bench-top model; a portable hand-held model for heavy or large parts; a mixed-use combination version that can be either used on the bench for fixtured parts or brought as a hand-held to the part; and an integrated unit for automatic marking in production lines. The flexibility of the Technomark Multi 4 will provide a rapid return on your company's investment. Consisting of a mechanical marking head and an electronic numerical control unit, the Technomark Multi 4 is lightweight, simple to use and immediately operational. When ordered with the optional integral battery, the Multi 4 becomes completely portable, as the need for an external power source is eliminated.

Using technology based on the principle of electromechanically controlled micro-impact marking, the Multi 4 provides effective and rapid marking of industrial parts. It can mark figures, letters, logos, special characters and data matrix of varying heights and depths, with up to 1,000 possible settings. -This machine can mark several characters per second and, since these characters are indented into the material, the marking is permanent. The character fonts used comply with aerospace and automobile industry standards. Flat, concave or convex surfaces may be marked, with no splitting of the material, whether it be treated or untreated steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, bronze, brass, plastic, wood or ceramic.

Dapra Marking Systems offers complete marking solutions, from hand-held and stand-alone units to fully integrated systems that can perform marking as well as read and verification functions of 2D Data Matrix codes.

For complete efficiency, value and versatility of the patented Technomark Multi 4, please contact Dapra Marking.