Green Laser Cool Touch Laser Marker for Delicate Substrates

Sept. 26, 2023
FOBA's green laser markers provide speed and accuracy, marking substrates that do not show satisfactory marking results using other wavelengths.

FOBA has developed a 532 nm wavelength green laser marking system which offers new possibilities for industrial direct part marking. The low-heat laser applies perfect marks on materials with extraordinary absorption properties. Such materials include white, transparent or red plastics as well as highly reflective metals. It can even mark materials such as UHMWPE, HDPE or PMMA for which additives might no longer be necessary, as well as glass or shiny substrates. Compared to other laser types like UV or fiber, the green laser shows better marking results while achieving superior marking speeds.


The FOBA V.0071-gr and FOBA V.0141-gr green laser marking systems close the gap between UV (355 nm)- and fiber (1,064 nm)-laser markers.


The marking laser is available with either 7 or 14-W laser power variations. It can be integrated into production environments due to a smaller marking unit (compared to the UV-laser), a broad range of available interfaces, and 5 possible marking field sizes.