Latest Nastran FEA Modeler Extends the User Base in Product Development Organizations

Jan. 27, 2006
FEA software is being adopted at increasing rates as companies seek to lower product development costs without compromising quality or forfeiting innovation. NEiNastran Modeler V9.1 addresses these new users by providing both comprehensive CAD geometry transfer and FEA model creation capabilities in a flexible, familiar, native Windows environment incorporating the latest generation Microsoft technology. Not only can the NEiModeler accept all major 3D CAD files (e.g. Solid Edge V18, CATIA V5, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, AutoCAD Inventor) but full 3D model creation for analysis is possible, even for those without 3D systems -- by incorporating the two most widely used and regarded geometry engines, Parasolids and ACIS. For experienced FE analysts, sophisticated features have been added in meshing, spot weld simulation, customization, and automation functions. These include, a new Quadrilateral Element meshing option for critical boundaries and stress raisers, a Nastran Spot Weld Element for sheet metal, a Macro driven program file for automating repetitive tasks, and a fully integrated BASIC development environment for customizing post-processing functions. Dave Weinberg, CEO of Noran Engineering, commented on the release, “The Pre-Post Processor is the foundation of an FEA software portfolio. It is the primary user environment, the conduit for all incoming data and results, and a connection to all the analysis tools. So Modeler selection is a critical and long term decision. With the V9.1 release, the NEiModeler will continue to hold the high ground in the FEA market by continuing to set the standard for professional level capabilities in a format that accommodates user sophistication levels, while maintaining its affordable price tag.”