New Right Angle Attachment Solves Squareness and Parallel Machine Alignment Problems

Jan. 26, 2006
The laser beam enters the 90-Line through a port in the front and exits out a side port at precisely 90 degrees to the incoming beam. Special internal optics allows operators to place the 90-Line anywhere along the laser path and establish precise right angle references. By rotating the front nosepiece, the right angle laser beam will swing through a full plane for checking the squareness of machine parts and surfaces, as shown in the photograph. The 90-Line can create multiple references and is well-suited for checking the parallelism of slides, rails, machine tracks, rollers, shafts, and other mechanical elements. The 90-Line is equipped with a precision rotary adjustment to steer the laser into machinery and facilitate adjustments. A two-axis positioner enables the operator to move the 90-Line precisely into alignment. The 90-Line is machined from solid aluminum with a hard anodized coating and stainless steel hardware for years of durable use.