New Nexis High Flow Filter from Pall Provides Efficiency Benefits to Industrial Marketplace

Jan. 31, 2006
The Nexis High Flow filter was designed specifically for customers seeking an economical, high flow filtration solution, especially in those areas where depth filters have traditionally performed best. It is an ideal complement to our Ultipleat High Flow Filter System giving industrial manufacturers the best of both worlds,” says Sean Meenan, Senior Vice President, Pall Industrial. Both filter types may be used in the same filter housing. There are many industrial applications where depth filtration is a critical step especially in the initial stages to filter coarse particulate. However currently available depth filters are generally limited to a flow rate of 40 gallons per minute at most. This requires a great number of changeouts, and high replacement and labor costs in order to maintain fluid cleanliness. To solve this problem, many industries have turned to the Ultipleat High Flow filter, with its unique design that enables it to handle the highest flow rates. Although this is a reliable and effective solution allowing for high flow rates, it is not the most cost efficient approach for coarse applications or applications with high solid content or ones that experience frequent process upsets. With the availability of the Nexis High Flow filter, which is 6 inches in diameter and can handle as much as 150 gallons per minute per 40 inch filter, manufacturers will be able to clean up and stabilize their systems more efficiently and save costs before turning to the Ultipleat High Flow Filter for finer filtration. “Based on our in-depth knowledge of a wide range of manufacturing processes, we have been able to develop this new filter to help manufacturers better manage cleanliness of their fluids. This latest addition to Pall’s arsenal of total fluid management technologies enables them to do this more efficiently to get the best results at the best value,” adds Meenan. The Nexis High Flow Series of Filter Elements features an inside to outside flow, which traps contaminants inside the element. It is constructed of a polypropylene medium and is available in 20 inch (50.8 cm) or 40 inch (102 cm) lengths, which fit into standard Ultipleat High Flow housings. It has a 6 inch (15.2 cm) outside diameter and comes with a variety of O-ring or U-cup seal materials, depending upon the specific applications.