Newest Linear Technology Moves Product 10 Times Faster Than Conventional Solutions

Jan. 28, 2006

Taking advantage of linear motor technology’s smooth, virtually friction free electromagnetic operation, the LTV® moves product at speeds that are ten times faster than conventional belt drive systems, with a positioning accuracy of 0.010 in. Acceleration and deceleration rates can reach 2 Gs. These features mean material handlers can see productivity improvements of as much as 300 percent.

Linear servo motors look like rotary motors that have been sliced open down a radial plane and unrolled to lay flat, revealing two parts -- a coil assembly and a magnet plate. Driven by electricity these two parts produce linear thrust without pneumatic or hydraulic components, or mechanical linkages such as ball screws, gears, pulleys, belts, or rack and pinion systems. Because fewer moving parts mean simpler systems, the LTV® offers higher reliability, greater efficiency, and low maintenance. This direct drive technology also offers quiet operation, fast settling times, and smooth motion.

Scalable and modular, the LTV® is configurable for almost any operation that requires quick and accurate movement of materials or products. The power module can be sized up or down to accommodate various payloads, aisle lengths, or tooling. Payloads can range from a few ounces to several tons. An on-board wireless control system continuously controls position and speed throughout travel.

With an unlimited aisle length, the magnetic rail design is low in cost and easy to install. Plus, users can choose from a number of application-specific tooling and end effectors.

Suitable applications include many warehousing and shipping functions from order-picking and case and layer picking to put-away. As a layer picker, the LTV® can build mixed pallet loads from individual layers.

The LTV® can also be used in automated assembly and manufacturing applications such as machine tool transfer lines. Configured as a transfer car, the LTV® will move raw materials between manufacturing processes or move full pallet loads in automated warehousing and sortation applications.

The LTV® is available through system integrators for inclusion in a range of automation systems. Regardless of throughput or floor space, an LTV® based configuration can be designed for your operation.• Length (S100) 88.23”, (S200) 123.23”, (S300) 158.23” • Weight (S100) 1700 lbs, (S200) 2400 lbs, (S300) 3100 lbs • Electrical 480 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase • Peak Velocity 1375 ft/min (7 m/sec) • Accuracy +/- .010”