Sure Sort Robotic Sorting System

Dec. 14, 2022
OPEX's Sure Sort is a small-item robotic sorting system that is scalable, configurable, and cost-effective.

2023 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Sure Sort Warehouse Automation technology has been expanded with the inclusion of radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning to meet client needs and increase operational speed and efficiency. Because RFID employs radio waves, scanning does not require a visual connection for cases where barcodes may be hidden from view.


Sure Sort robotic delivery vehicles, iBOTs, quickly and accurately process up to 2,400 items/hour with as little as 3 operators, and have the ability to recharge as they travel through the system.

2022 NED Innovation Award Finalist

The Sure Sort solution is a high-speed, small-item robotic sorting system. This scalable, configurable, and cost-effective automated solution reduces the number of excessive touches associated with existing manual sorters, increasing productivity without increasing labor needs. It has changed the way companies handle small items, particularly as it relates to parcel sorting, multi-line orders, and reverse logistics.


The Sure Sort solution provides a better way to sort small items more accurately and efficiently. The system can deliver single items in a variety of shapes and sizes, and parcels up to 5 lb. (2.27 kg) and 6 in. (15.24 cm) in height, to their designated sort location at rates of up to 2,400 items per hour, with as few as three operators.


The system features iBOT technology, with multi-directional, intelligent, wireless iBOT vehicles effectively transporting inventory to sort locations. iBOTs recharge as they cycle through the system, making this solution highly energy efficient. The Sure Sort solution is compact and flexible, with a footprint that offers the maximum number of sort locations in the most limited space. It's scalable, with expansion modules that make it easy to adjust to peaks in demand, especially during a time of uncertainty. It's fully customizable based on individual customer needs and it integrates easily with existing warehouse management systems.


The Sure Sort system is an ideal e-commerce solution for micro-fulfillment centers, retail stores, and distribution centers.

  • Replaces 6 standard put walls
  • Installation in 3 days or less
  • Sort scheme agnostic
  • Optimize returns processing
  • Efficient in-store fulfillment
  • Flexible design
  • Integrates with WMS
  • Requires only 3 operators
  • Process 2,400 items/h
  • Recharge during use
  • Increased accuracy with RFID
  • LED light notifications
  • Pack-to-light system
  • Automated sorting solution