New ContiTech Power Transmission Belt Displays Valuable Versatility

Feb. 14, 2006

The new version of CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® combines many of the properties otherwise only delivered by individual special-application belts. CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® is the ideal all-around belt for extreme applications where it is essential to have not only maximum power transmission, but also maximum resistance to an adverse working environment. It offers the optimum alternative to chain drives.

“One-for-all is a fitting description of this belt’s capabilities,” said Roger Homer, director of business development for ContiTech’s North American Power Transmission Group. “The belt ensures reliable power transmission for high torques and high

dynamic stressing. In addition, It is resistant to moisture, temperatures ranging between -40°C and +100°C and, it has optimum chemical stability. CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® still maintains its reliable performance despite being exposed to aggressive cleaning agents. It even withstands things like salt, oil, grease and solid matter arising during the manufacturing process.”

These exceptional capabilities make the new belt’s range of applications virtually unlimited, and it is the first belt of this high-performance class to permit reverse flexing in multi-pulley drives.

The belt’s versatility is made possible by the newly developed CTD profile and a new material mix. The smooth back of the CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® belt is made from one polyurethane compounding. The aramid-fiber tension members have the usual ‘S’ or ‘Z’ twists. The pulley side of the teeth is reinforced. Profile design enables existing drive solutions to be replaced without any trouble at all. The new CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® represents a money-saving alternative thanks to its realistic acquisition cost and is available in a varied size range.

“In the food industry, for instance, complete production lines are usually washed down using high-pressure cleaners and aggressive cleaning agents,” said Homer. “And, with those cleaning times being a major cost factor, little consideration is usually given to the transmission belts during the cleaning process.

“So the amount of ‘belt attack’ is quite considerable. But this particular belt is affected neither by moisture, nor by high-pressure cleaners and aggressive cleaning agents. This makes cleaning less complicated, faster and hence much more economical.”

At the same time CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® is odorless and non-staining, ensuring that the belt satisfies the increasing hygiene requirements. Even in cable car systems where the cars are raised and lowered by drive belts, this belt is ideal thanks to its resistance to extreme temperatures.

And yet this product offers more in the way of possible applications. CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN® even feels at home in a tough mining industry environment, in materials handling systems at ports, and in fairground applications. Everywhere, in fact, where ultra-high forces need to be transmitted effectively in an adverse environment. So, it’s a true all-rounder.