Feb. 25, 2006
Speed Mist Mold Releases do not contain trichloroethylene, dimethyl ether or other flammable gases and offer fast evaporation without unpleasant odors. These mold releases are ideal for use on a wide variety of materials including ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Nylon, Polycarbonate, Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, Polysulfone, PPHOX, PPO and Rubber.

For general-purpose use, Speed Mist 3% Silicone Spray Mold Release forms a long-lasting film on the mold, yet is dry enough to leave little residue on the part. Speed Mist 3% Silicone evaporates quickly, contains no flammable ingredients and is FDA Approved.

Speed Mist Blue Label Silicone Spray Mold Release, a formula developed exclusively by IMS, forms a thin, tough film on even the most highly polished mold surfaces. Fast evaporating, Speed Mist Blue Label supplies more release per spray and is ideal for new molds and tough jobs that require different kinds of silicone.

For molded parts that will be painted, plated, printed or stamped, Speed Mist Paintable Mist Mold Release is fast evaporating with low residue build-up. Speed Mist Paintable Mist is ideal for use near the press, as airborne overspray will not adversely affect the surface of nearby parts.

All three Speed Mist Mold Releases are available in tanks (cylinders) with 21-lbs. net weight. Larger sizes of select items also are available upon request.

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