Slim Line Hydraulic Chucks Combine High Clamping Forces, Increased Accuracy, Long Reach, and High Speeds

March 1, 2006

The chucks’ slim and rigid design makes them ideal for hard-to-reach drilling, boring, and reaming applications in the automotive, die/mold, and aerospace industries, as well as for general machining applications where existing drill L × D ratios do not meet clearance requirements. The design also allows use of standard-length drills, which can considerably reduce tooling costs compared with extended-length carbide drills.

Runout is improved versus competitive tooling, resulting in longer tool life and increased hole accuracy. Tests have also shown that the patented system’s high clamping forces allow greater chip loads than standard hydraulic chucks.

Pre-balanced Slim Line chucks accept tool diameters from ¼ to ¾” (6 to 20 mm), and can handle tools as small as 1/8” (3 mm) diameter with standard reducer sleeves. They are available in Kennametal’s KM modular tooling systems as well as the industry-standard HSK63A and HSK100A, DV40 and 50, BT40 and 50, and CV 40 and 50 spindle connections.