CENTUM VP Production Control System

April 10, 2017
I/O system helps reduce plant construction costs

CENTUM VP includes I/O capabilities built to accommodate both analog and digital signals. With the universal IO module, a dedicated signal conversion board is required to directly receive signals from a field instrument such as a temperature sensor, eliminating the need for this hardware.


CENTUM VP is a production control platform that encompasses all stages of the plant lifecycle from design and engineering to installation and startup. Routine and major maintenance, including the migration and upgrade to next-level technology platforms, are based on user needs, market dynamics, and technology advancements.


As the universal IO module originally developed for the N-IO device can handle a wide variety of IO signal types, it's easy to install different types of sensors when constructing a new plant or renovating an existing facility. The primary target markets are process industries such as oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, pulp & paper, pharmaceuticals, foods, iron & steel, and water & wastewater.