EcoLink for Remote Monitoring of Odor Control Systems

June 2, 2023
Ecosorb's remote access feature for all units lets users connect their odor control systems to the cloud for data capture around the clock.

EcoLink is an online portal for remote monitoring and control of industrial odor neutralization systems allowing users to manage their equipment from anywhere with any device.


Using EcoLink, Ecosorb units can be managed remotely in the cloud, lifting local limitations for monitoring operations and making adjustments. EcoLink provides benefits including:

  • Remotely start, stop, and change vaporization system operating mode
  • Identify low product levels
  • Track and trend flow rates, energy use, downtime, and other KPIs
  • Send alerts and notifications
  • Adjust product dosage to coincide with fluctuating odor-producing periods
  • Encrypt data for transit and storage
  • View metrics, charts, and diagrams on a dashboard

EcoLink leverages an Ewon Flexy device to encrypt and transmit data to a professionally-hosted cloud server. From there, the data is made available for consumption on a mobile device or PC via the standard secure web protocol. In the event remote access throttling is desired, an optional switch can be added to the Flexy for enabling and disabling cloud communication. When disabled, connectivity with the cloud is completely blocked.


EcoLink is ideal for a variety of industries, including water/wastewater, oil & gas, manufacturing, cannabis cultivation, and others.


EcoLink ships standard on Ecosorb vaporization systems.