FATBOY - Double Deep J Series Enclosures Now Available From Stahlin

March 30, 2006

The FATBOY series features a unique “clam shell” appearance and rugged durability necessary to ensure a practical solution for many “extra space” application requirements without adding height or weight. FATBOY is well suited for both indoor and outdoor environments. The series provides nearly equal space capacity in both its cover and base. Typical applications include: petrochemical plants, water treatment facilities, battery containment, food and beverage…to name but a few.

FATBOY is immediately available in 11 standard sizes from 6x4x8 inches up to 20x16x17 inches with 21 configurations in both opaque and bonded window options available. FATBOY is UL/CSA rated to Type 12, 3R, and 4X as well as IEC 60529 IP66 for durable protection against extreme environmental conditions.

FATBOY is competitively priced compared to carbon steel enclosures and up to 70% less costly than stainless steel enclosures with equivalent depth.

Moreover, FATBOY’s lightweight, durable, one-piece construction requires no collar attachment and saves time and labor when modifications, such as holes, cutouts and vents are required.

FATBOY is formulated from Stahlin’s own SolarGuard™, a patent pending, one of a kind fiberglass material that ensures UV resistance. SolarGuard™ is the only fiberglass material formulation that provides 32-60% improvement in retaining the gloss of the finish.

All enclosures in the series feature stainless steel latches and hinges, urethane gasketing for a reliable seal, back panel mounts in both the cover and base, plus an integral mounting flange.

As with all Stahlin non-metallic enclosures, FATBOY can be customized through Stahlin’s ModRight™ enclosure modification program to accommodate needs such as custom windows, color, cutouts, holes and silkscreening.