VoiceLogistics Pro(tm)

April 13, 2006

According to Steve Banker, Service Director for Supply Chain Management at ARC Advisory Group, "This is really more than a new product release. The new Voxware VoiceLogistics Pro and VoxBrowser software empowers a new business model for the industry. The WMS vendors and logistics solution providers can now have a way to independently create, deploy, and adapt voice solutions on their choice of mobile computing devices. Another underlying benefit is a lower cost, go-to-market strategy that could significantly reduce the cost that companies pay for Voice. Voice already had a great payback period. It is under one year for most users. It may have just gotten much, much better."

Voxware CEO Tom Drury said, "Voxware leveraged its years of experience in developing powerful voice solutions for the logistics market to create VoiceLogistics Pro. We now have delivered revolutionary software that gives logistics solutions providers the power to control how they utilize voice to enhance their product offerings. VoiceLogistics Pro meets the latest enterprise technology standards for openness and extensibility, and includes powerful capabilities to help ensure the success of Voxware's partners who will use VoiceLogistics Pro to create a range of innovative voice solutions for their customers."

Drury continued, "When coupled with Voxware's open, standards-based VoxBrowser client software, which voice-enables any certified Windows CE 4.2/5.0 wireless client device, VoiceLogistics Pro delivers unprecedented choice, flexibility and low cost. VoxBrowser currently operates on more wireless devices from more manufacturers than any other voice technology used in the warehouse. Together, VoiceLogistics Pro and VoxBrowser enable solution providers to independently create, deploy, adapt and manage full-featured voice solutions."

VoiceLogistics Pro: Transforming and Expanding the Use of Voice in the Warehouse

VoiceLogistics Pro solutions can be interactively prototyped with customers, without major expenditures on IT development. This ensures that the result will exactly match customer requirements before the system is deployed - resulting in huge cost savings. VoiceLogistics Pro provides the business agility that many logistics operations seek, by allowing customers to effortlessly migrate between different wireless devices, operating systems, databases, and Warehouse Management Systems or back-end systems.

VoiceLogistics Pro brings the value of Voxware's market-tested technology and software, together with the means to quickly and easily bring voice solutions to more places than ever before. As the only product to incorporate the following major capabilities for developing voice-based warehouse solutions, VoiceLogistics Pro offers:

* A visual design studio for configuring voice interfaces and workflows.

* A graphical integration tool for direct-connect interfaces to WMS/ERP applications.

* A component-based, service-oriented architecture that enables solutions to be configured at a high level rather than programmed at a low level.

* A modern technology stack based on the same Internet standards adopted by customer enterprises: VoiceXML, HTTP, Java, and Web Server technologies.

* Full platform independence with support for more wireless client devices from more manufacturers than is delivered by any other voice technology vendor.

Voxware offers comprehensive training and certification for partners who include VoiceLogistics Pro in their solution set.

VoiceLogistics Pro supports 22 languages and is available immediately, worldwide.