Economical Manometer Single or Differential Inputs

April 13, 2006
OMEGA's model HHP91 is a precision manometer for automotive, HVAC, laboratories and general industrial applications. It is compatible with air or non-corrosive and non-ionized gases and liquids. Eight selectable pressure ranges make this instrument compatible with all measuring systems. The readings are easy to read displayed in large 15mm high digits. The HHP91 functions include auto off (after approx. 20 min), reading hold/min/max, with push-button recall, and a built in tilt stand. This unit comes complete with a built-in sensor with dual inputs for gage or differential measurements. Price is $* Units: psi, mbar, kg/cm2, mmHg, inHg, mH2O, inH2O, atm * Functions: Auto off (after approx. 20 min), reading hold, min and max * Accuracy: 2% FS, 23 ±5ºC, includes linearity, repeatability and hysteresis * Operating Temperature: 0 to 50ºC (32 to 122ºF) * Operating Humidity: <80% RH (non-condensing) * Power: 9V alkaline battery (included) * Sampling Time: Approximately 0.8 seconds * Pressure Ports: Quick disconnect for 3 to 4 mm ID tubing * Meter Dimensions: 185 H x 78 W 38 mm D (7.2 x 3.0 x 1.4") * Meter Weight: 345 g (0.8 lb)