Avantra 23 SAP AIOps Platform

Oct. 6, 2023

Avantra 23, an update to the industry-leading AIOps platform for SAP operations automation, gives businesses that rely on ERP systems a release from time-consuming manual activities by automating repetitive monitoring and maintenance tasks. The automation engine provides customizable workflow templates, including SAP system refresh, automated SAP security analysis, and more.


The enhanced automation engine provides updated customizable workflow templates and the ability to automate system refresh, creating time for the operations team to focus on greater business value projects that deliver shareholder value, revenue, and profitability.


Avantra 23 is available in Standard, Professional, and Enterprise editions; all featuring an improved user experience and advanced monitoring capabilities. While the Professional edition adds the enhanced automation engine, the Enterprise edition provides a wealth of automation templates and Red Hat Ansible integration alongside the existing SAP HotNews analysis and AI predictive analytics introduced in Avantra 21.11.