New Red Lion Data Station Plus Addresses Connectivity And Remote Monitoring Requirements

May 2, 2006
Red Lion Controls, Inc. has announced its new Data Station Plus, the industry’s most powerful tool for connectivity and machine data-management. The Data Station Plus is a multiple protocol converter, a system data logger, and a web interface for industrial and M2M applications. The Data Station Plus converts numerous protocols simultaneously, allowing seamless communication between disparate devices, and can save collected data in CSV files that are easily viewed by programs such as Microsoft Excel and Access.

“The Data Station Plus’ comprehensive, yet easy to use set of data management tools makes it ideal for factories and machine builders wanting to interconnect and monitor dissimilar devices such as PLCs, drives, barcode scanners, vision systems, and modems.” said Jesse Benefiel, Product Manager for Red Lion. “The DSP’s virtual HMI interface provides remote access and control of the system using a standard Internet browser from virtually any PC. Further, alarms and notifications can be sent via text-message or email to warn of pending problems or required maintenance.”

A removable CompactFlash® memory card stores logged data into “IT-ready” CSV files allowing for virtually limitless memory expansion and data collection capability.

Red Lion Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of industrial control solutions worldwide. Products include digital/analog control, monitoring and panel meters, PID control, human-machine interface panels, and signal conditioning.• POWER: 24 VDC ± 10% • 200 mA min., without expansion card • 1 Amp maximum with expansion card fitted • Must use NEC Class 2 or Limited Power Source (LPS) rated power supply. • COMMUNICATIONS: • USB/PG Port: Adheres to USB specification 1.1. Device only using Type B • connection. • LEDs: • STS – Status LED indicates condition of Data Station. • TX/RX – Transmit/Receive LEDs show serial activity. • Ethernet – Link and activity LEDs. • CF – CompactFlash LED indicates card status and read/write activity • MEMORY: • On-board User Memory: 4 Mbytes of non-volatile Flash memory. • On-board SDRAM: 2 Mbytes • Memory Card: CompactFlash Type II slot for Type I and Type II cards. • Used for optional database storage only • REAL-TIME CLOCK: Typical accuracy is less than one minute per month drift. • Battery: Lithium Coin Cell. Typical lifetime of 10 years at 25 ºC. • A “Battery Low” system variable is available so that the programmer can • choose specific action(s) to occur when the battery voltage drops below • its nominal voltage. • This unit is NOT field serviceable. All work must be done by a qualified • technician. • ENVIRONMENTAL CONDITIONS: • Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 50 °C • Storage Temperature Range: -30 to +70 °C • Operating and Storage Humidity: 80% max relative humidity, • non-condensing, from 0 to 50 °C • Vibration According to IEC 68-2-6: Operational 5 to 150 Hz, in X, Y, Z • direction for 1.5 hours, 2 g’s. • Shock According to IEC 68-2-27: Operational 30 g’s, 11 msec in 3 directions. • Altitude: Up to 2000 meters • CONSTRUCTION: Case body is burgundy high impact plastic and • stainless steel. For indoor use only. Installation Category II, Pollution • Degree 2. • POWER CONNECTION: Removable wire clamp screw terminal block. • Wire Gage Capacity: 24 AWG to 12 AWG • Torque: 4.45 to 5.34 in/lb (0.5 to 0.6 N-m) • MOUNTING: Snaps onto standard DIN style top hat (T) profile mounting • rails according to EN50022 -35 x 7.5 and -35 x 15. • 10. CERTIFICATIONS AND COMPLIANCES: • SAFETY