V470 Analog Output / Thermocouple Simulator

May 6, 2006
The features of V470 Vme Analog Output Module 16 independent, galvanically isolated analog output channels, Each channel is independently programmable for mode and output range, Voltage mode: provides 16-bit resolution with programmable output voltage ranges from ±25 millivolts to ±12.5 volts, T/C simulation mode: simulates most common thermocouples: types J K E T R S B and N. NIST-standard lookup tables are included to allow direct entry of simulated temperatures., Includes four non-isolated precision RTD signal conditioners for reference junction temperature sensing, plus one onboard reference junction sensor. Any thermocouple simulation channel can be associated with any reference, Any channel may be switched to a dedicated cal connector to allow in-system calibration check., VME interface operates at bus speed with no realtime handshaking., Supports one or two optional 8-channel J470 isothermal junction boxes, each with integral RTD reference junction sensor, or one or two J475 field-wiring interface boards. • FUNCTION: 16-channel VME analog voltage output and thermocouple simulation module. • COMPLIANCE: IEEE 1014 VME; A16:A24:D16.Does not interrupt; passes all bus grants.Thermocouple and RTD tables based on NIST/ITS-90. • PACKAGING : 6U single-wide VME module. • DEVICE TYPE : 16-bit VME register-based slave: A24:A16:D16; implements 256 16-bit registers at switch-selectable addresses in the VME 16- or 24-bit addressing spaces. • OUTPUTS 16 channels, programmable functions, galvanically isolated, floating differential outputs.Voltage output ranges ±25 mV to ±12.5 V, 10mA max. Thermocouple simulation, types J K E T R S B N.Output impedance < 0.25 ohms. Outputs are stable with capacitive loads up to 2 uF. • OUTPUT PROTECTION Differential, short or applied ±35 volts DC or peak AC. Common-mode, ±750 volts DC or peak AC. ESD to 15KV, human body model. • INPUTS Four non-isolated reference junction inputs, 100R or 1K 4-wire platinum RTD sensor. • INPUT PROTECTION Shorts to ground, ESD. • RESOLUTION Voltage mode, 16 bits; 0.76 uV/lsb on 25 mV range.Temperature simulation mode, 0.0625 ºC.RTD resolution 0.0625 ºC. • DAC ACCURACY Offset, ±50 PPM of range ±5 PPM/ºC.Gain, ±200 PPM of range ±15 PPM/ºC. • RTD MEASUREMENT ACCURACY ±250 PPM, equiv to 0.0625 ºC, range -65 to +150 ºC. • INTERNAL REF TEMP ACCURACY ±2 ºC, range -20 to 120 ºC. • CALIBRATION INTERVAL One year. • OPERATING TEMP 0 to 60 ºC; extended MIL/COTS ranges available. • POWER REQUIRED Standard VME supplies: +5 volts, 0.6 A max +12 volts, 1 A max.