Large-screen QX Series color “OCS” (operator control station) allows easy addition of features by use of Backpack options: snap-on I/O modules, high-speed counters, and remote fiber optic I/O. Robust and reliable control solution combines a traditional ladder-logic programmed controller, operator interface, I/O, and networking. Three screen sizes are available: 8.4, 10.4, and 12.1 in. Other features include embedded Ethernet and CompactFlash. Horner APG, LLC, Indianapolis, IN• App. Programming EnvironmentCscape (logic plus screen development—ladder or full IEC-1131) • Display Size8.4”10.4”12.1” • Display TechnologyLCD TFT Display with SVGA (800 x 600) Resolution & 32K Colors • CompactFLASH SlotYesYesYes • Ladder Logic Memory256K Bytes256K Bytes256K Bytes • Register (Reference) Memory32K Bytes32K Bytes32K Bytes • Logic Scan Rate0.2mS/K (typical)*0.2mS/K (typical)*0.2mS/K (typical)* • Embedded Ethernet10/100Mbit10/100Mbit10/100Mbit • Web Server & FTP ServerYesYesYes