New Quickdraw Conveyor Meets Highest Cleanroom Standards In The Smallest Footprint

April 22, 2006
MagStar Technologies has introduced a new Quickdraw® Conveyor System for use in cleanroom environments. The low profile rail offers greater flexibility in a 50 percent smaller footprint than other conveyor systems making it ideal for laboratory environments.

“The Quickdraw Conveyor provides all the functionality of a larger conveyor but in a smaller, easier to maintain package,” said Dave Helgerson, Chief Technology Officer for MagStar. “The only moving elements are sealed ball bearings which eliminate the need to service or replace costly belts.”

The Quickdraw Conveyor has a height of 2-7/8 inches and is only 1-1/2 inches wider than the transport tray. Along with its compact size, the conveyor features its patented design with Quickdraw’s Zone Buffering® and Intellizone® technology. Integrated sensors provide users with unprecedented conveyor control within specific conveyor zones.

The flexible design allows for variable speed, bi-directional transport, changeable layouts, and precision stopping for tight tolerance processing. The control system is self-contained with plug-and-go operation so no PLC is needed for set-up or operation. Sensor, logic, and motor controls are built into the rail for convenient access.

Under the Quickdraw brand MagStar Technologies designs and manufacturers modular conveyor systems for a range of manufacturing environments. The company serves both national and international markets and offers a full line of modular components, both standard and custom, that are ideal for medical, micro-electronics, and semi-conductor applications.