Universal Roller Now Available With Taperhex Shaft Design

April 22, 2006

WILMINGTON, N.C. (March 27, 2006) — Interroll Corporation offers its popular 1700 Series universal conveyor roller with a Taperhex shaft design. The double spring-loaded Taperhex design allows the tapered hexagonal shaft to fit snuggly into side frame mounting holes, regardless of size or condition. The shaft design offers long-term performance reliability by providing a tight, self-adjusting fit that virtually eliminates movement and wear in the frame. The result is in significant noise-reduction and reduced maintenance costs in popular 1700 series applications including package and parcel handling, warehouse and distribution, food processing, security, and pharmaceutical.

“The rugged, award-winning design is ideal for use in new and worn frames and because the spring-loaded design ensures a secure fit, the Taperhex offers three times the life of conventional rollers,” said Kim Hagan, Product Manager at Interroll. “The Taperhex design is a proven, reliable design that helps eliminate rattling, resulting in a quieter conveyor system even at high speeds.”

Interroll’s signature double spring loaded tapered hex roller is constructed of high-quality components for extended life performance. Taperhex precision bearings are made of chrome alloy steel, are sealed for life and conform to ABEC-1 industry standards. Bearings are housed in technopolymer cartridges that are permanently swaged in place to eliminate movement for reliable, ultra-quiet operation.

The Taperhex Gold shaft option is available in with a variety of tube options, including galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC and polyethylene. The Anti-Litho roller features a polyethylene tube that resists the build-up of lithographic ink on the roller that could mar packaging. This roller is frequently used in bottling and beverage plants.

The 1700 Series, also available in metric sizes and additional bearing options, is suitable for almost any application whether it be gravity or powered. The standardized, modular, cost-effective rollers are made to customer specified lengths. The shock-absorbing, noise-reducing roller can have varying load capacities depending upon materials, length and speed. Precision bearings can easily handle speeds up to 400 feet per minute. Commercial bearings are suitable for speeds up to 225 feet per minute.

About Interroll

Products developed by Interroll are deployed on a global scale - wherever goods have to be conveyed, stored or distributed. Committed to excellence, Interroll offers cutting-edge solutions spanning the entire value chain, for a diverse range of industries.

Interroll endeavors to establish a leading position in selected product segments for internal unit load handling - worldwide. Established in 1959 and listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange SWX, the Interroll Group currently employs 1100 people at around 25 enterprises worldwide. Directed by a strategic holding company located in Sant'Antonino, Switzerland, the Group operates with three global business units. Within the components segment, "Interroll Drives & Rollers" focuses on supplying regional engineering companies and original equipment manufacturers. Within the area of modules and subsystems, "Interroll Dynamic Storage" and "Interroll Automation" have tailored their product portfolios to meet the requirements of global systems integrators, multinational corporations and end-users. Interroll develops all-embracing solutions in the field of food processing and distribution, airport technology, mail and parcel distribution, third-party logistics, automotive suppliers and pharmaceuticals.

Load capacity : • Up to 2000 N • Up to 3000 N with precision ball bearing 6003 • Up to 300 N with grooves Spindle: • Bright steel or stainless steel • Spring-loaded spindle, diameters of 8, 10 , 12,14 mm or 11 mm hexagon • Milled flat spindle, diameters of 10, 12, 14 or 17 mm • Male threaded spindle, diameters of 8, 10, 12 or 14 mm • Female threaded spindle (M8 x 15), diameters of 12 or 14 mm • Female threaded spindle (M12 x 20), diameter 17 mm