New MegaMixTM – Water Temperature Mixing and Steam/Water Mixing Units

May 26, 2006
THREE RIVERS, MI – The Armstrong Hot Water Group now offers a new line to their family of water temperature mixing and steam/water mixing units. The MegaMixTM is an electronically actuated three port mixing valve that is capable of providing the absolute best accuracy and capability for process water temperature control applications. The MegaMixTM unit is comprised of a three port mixing valve, an electronic actuator and an integrated temperature probe. This combination yields a stand alone “out of the box” water temperature control solution. In addition to its stand alone capabilities the MegaMixTM can also interface with an automation system for remote control and monitoring. The MegaMixTM is available in sizes from ¾” to 3” to handle flow rates from 1 to 600+ gallons per minute. Many applications in the food, pharmaceutical, textile processing and other industries exist where the MegaMixTM will excel. If you have a customer demanding the absolute best water temperature control then the MegaMixTM is the answer.