Ovation Green: Renewable Energy Asset Maintenance Software

Feb. 18, 2023
Emerson's renewables software provides access to real-time and historical operations information to offer greater visibility and control of renewable assets.

Emerson has combined its comprehensive power expertise and renewable energy capabilities into the Ovation Green portfolio to help power generation companies meet the needs of customers navigating the transition to green energy generation and storage. Ovation provides an automation platform, a deep renewable energy knowledge base, cybersecurity solutions, and remote management capabilities.


Ovation Green technologies provide secure, standardized access to data, independent of equipment manufacturer or system type, across a single or multiple sites through an integrated portfolio of data-driven asset control and management solutions. By gathering, collating, and contextualizing vast amounts of data created by renewable generation and storage assets, the platform provides a clear view of renewable operations in one standardized, intuitive space. With full access to real-time and historical operations information, operators can gain greater visibility and control of all renewable assets across the enterprise.


The solutions:

  • Hybrid Energy Systems:
    • The future of power requires integrated hybrid energy systems to maintain grid reliability. Efficiently managing the operations of these combined systems is complex. Ovation Green provides a secure, purpose-built digital automation foundation with multi-asset and multi-vendor interoperability. As a single source for contextualizing renewable operations data, Emerson's renewable solutions reduce complexity to optimize hybrid system operations.
  • Automation Retrofits:
    • Wind automation includes system retrofit strategies for older turbines. The solutions enable safe, optimized energy production by enhancing turbine operation and increasing performance. Implementing a wind turbine retrofit program with modern software is a quick, safe, and cost-effective option to extend turbine lifespan.
  • Condition Monitoring:
    • The wind turbine condition monitoring system features vibration analysis that covers all aspects of wind-turbine operations, helping to quickly pinpoint the root cause of an issue before it escalates. The software continuously monitors wind-turbine operations using real-time data so impending issues are recognized, diagnosed, and resolved more efficiently.
  • Pitch System:
    • The electrical pitch system helps to safely reduce stressful loads on wind turbine blades resulting in lower costs, extended operating life, and increased power output. Automatic and accurate turbine blade adjustments are made based on varying wind conditions, protecting the turbine from high wind speeds. Standard turnkey systems are provided for three-blade turbine models up to 10 MW or customized systems for two-blade turbines up to 20 MW.
  • Analytics: Identify impending process upsets or equipment anomalies and trigger mitigating actions to avoid downtime.
  • Cybersecurity: Protect Critical infrastructure with ICS/OT cybersecurity solutions services that use a depth-in-defense approach.
  • Remote Operations: Efficient and safe remote asset management from anywhere increases reliability and lowers costs.