Saukville, WI . . . Omega Safety Barriers are professionally engineered to protect people and equipment from costly accidents caused by lift trucks and other in-plant vehicles. Omega Barriers are designed to be used as industrial/commercial guardrails throughout a plant or facility to safeguard work areas and protect employees. Omega Industrial Products is a leading manufacturer of industrial safety products. Omega Safety Barriers stop forklifts, sweepers and other in-plant vehicles and prevent accidents that result in downtime, damaged machinery, costly repairs and employee injury. The heavy-duty rails guard various building systems such as compressors, water mains, gas pumps, and electrical control panels. Additionally, Omega Barriers are used to protect robotic equipment, in-plant offices, shelving, mezzanines, rack systems, building walls, conveyor runs, raw material supplies, finished product, building support columns, loading dock areas and more. According to president John Weber, Omega Barriers offer superior strength and long term reliability. Modular construction with standard components are easily adaptable to most applications. Omega’s unique bolted design offers an extremely strong rail to post connection. The Omega design ensures that energy from an impact is distributed over the entire system for total protection. These industrial/commercial guardrails are proven to withstand the impact of a 10,000-lb. forklift moving at 4 mph. In addition to offering superior impact strength, Omega Barriers also features several other advantages over competitive products. Standard, pre-punched structural mounting posts simplify installation and accommodate both straight railing runs, as well as runs that incorporate inside or outside corners. Optional railing flairs wrap around 180 degrees and offer an attractive termination at the end of a guardrail run. Corner caps provide a smooth transition at corners and offer an aesthetically pleasing finished look. Special PVC vinyl stripping and post caps eliminate any sharp edges for improved safety. Omega Safety Barriers are available in single or double rail heights that can be mixed and matched to fit any application. In addition to the standard railing to post mounting design, Omega guardrails can also be mounted to wall or other flat surfaces and can be retrofitted to existing bollard pipe or I-beam posts. Omega also offers removable rails and swing gate assemblies for equipment access and special application needs. Custom railing heights are available upon request. Omega Barriers ship in one complete package with all necessary components and hardware. Omega Safety Barriers are protected with an attractive, durable, powder coat finish that includes ultraviolet and sea spray enhancements. The Omega finish offers years of maintenance free protection even for outdoor applications. The bright OSHA approved, safety yellow color is highly visible even in low light conditions. Custom colors and finishes also available upon request. Omega Industrial Products offers heavy-duty Safety Barriers, Trak-Shield Overhead Door Track Guards, Column Guards, Downspout/Pipe Guards, Rack Guards, Pipe Bollards and HDPE Bollard Covers, Quick-Step Structural Stairway Systems, and Handrails. All products feature an attractive, durable, OSHA approved traffic safety yellow powder coat finish.