Power-over-Ethernet Adapter

May 31, 2006

FREMONT, Calif. (May 2, 2006) — Phihong USA, the global leader in low-cost Power-over-Ethernet solutions, has developed a 60-watt Power-over-Ethernet adapter. Designated the POE60U Series, the high power single port injector provides up to 60W of power on a single Ethernet port. The device is suitable for laptops, scanners and printers, and is ideal for applications involving wireless and satellite broadband.

“The POE60U device is not a standard product, but rather is available for customer-specific applications,” said Keith Hopwood, vice president of marketing for Phihong USA. “The 60W of power enables high power to be delivered to outdoor units mounted on poles and rooftops.”
The 60W PoE adapter provides detection, disconnect and voltage control fully compliant with IEEE 802.3af standards. The device features diagnostic LEDs, broken wire detect, single source 4-pair power current sharing, and is gigabit-compatible.

The POE60U adapter has a DC output voltage of +56V and features a low leakage current of less than 0.25mA. The compact power supply measures 6.54 x 3.15 x 1.75 inches and weighs 14oz.
The 60W adapter is approved and listed by cUL, TUV and CE, and features full OCP and OVP protection.

Pricing for the POE60U starts at $39 in OEM quantities.

Phihong is one of the leading suppliers of power solutions to networking OEMs, including power supplies, adapters and Power-over-Ethernet products. With global sales for 2006 expected to exceed $450 million, Phihong has engineering and manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Taiwan and mainland China.

• DC Output Voltage - +56V • Load – Max 0.55A • Regulation - 54-57Vdc under all conditions • AC Input Voltage Range - 90 to 264VAC • Total Output Power – 6W • Temperature - -25 to +65°C