Dynajets® Cavitating Useful Jets

June 2, 2006
Dynaflow, Inc. is pleased to announce its DynaJets® high efficiency water jet nozzles. DynaJets® produce a controlled and extremely erosive environment enabling significant increases in cleaning, cutting, and drilling rates over conventional jet nozzles. DynaJets® employ cavitation, acoustic excitation, and jet interruption and structuring to create large high frequency stresses on the target surface or in the liquid. This is accomplished through passive manipulation of the flow and interaction of the liquid with the nozzle geometry. This involves no moving parts and no additional power source. The result is high efficiency jets for both submerged and in-air applications such as surface cleaning, paint stripping, rock cutting, and hydro demolition. Dynaflow, Inc. provides research, development, consulting and testing services as well as products in the areas of water jet technology, fluid dynamics, cavitation, filtration, acoustics, materials evaluation, and engineering and educational software.