Warm Tiles Self-Adhesive Floor Heating Mats (SAM)

Sept. 13, 2023
Emerson's adhesive floor heating mats allow easy customization for any floor layout and work with most flooring materials.

Warm Tiles Self-Adhesivs Mats (SAM) provide an economical solution to warming cold floors and can also help reduce utility bills. Ready to install out of the box, the pre-fabricated mats work for square or rectangular areas, multi-unit flooring or larger rooms. Once installed, the mats gently warm flooring materials including marble, ceramic, glass and porcelain tile, slate, granite, poured or dimensional stone, laminate, and some engineered hardwood. Use costs less than a penny per square foot per day and the mats operate on ordinary electric current.


SAM mats are rolled out and affixed to a subfloor and can be re-shaped to fit a non-square floor area by cutting the mat's open-weave plastic mesh. Thinset mortar is laid over the mats to hold them in place followed by the flooring material to complete the installation.


Available in 120 and 240V AC, Warm Tiles SAM mats cables are UL Listed, CSA Certified, and conform to European Directives. They come in standard 20-in. (0.5 m) rolls that are easy to stock and carry to the job site.

  • Self-adhesive mat
  • Available in 120 and 240V AC with 15 ft (5 m) cold leads
  • Ideal for large areas, just roll out and affix to the subfloor
  • Mats can be altered to fit various floor layouts
  • Comes in standard 20 in. (0.5 m) rolls
  • Plastic mesh substrate (not cable) can be cut to allow for layout customization
  • Custom mats are available for various shaped areas that do not conform to standard mat kits, such as ovals, circles, and triangles
  • Approved for a variety of applications and floor finishes
  • Fifteen-year limited warranty
  • UL Listed, CSA Certified, and conform to European Directives