Dual-Axis Servo Amplifier Drives Wide Range Of Motors

June 2, 2006

Copley Controls introduces Model 800-1514 dual-axis servo amplifier for current (torque) control of brushless servo motors. The amplifier accepts encoder and Hall feedback data from wide range of servo motor types, including both Yaskawa Sigma-Mini and Panasonic Minas-A motors. Drive torque is controlled by a ±10V command from a motion controller or PLC.

Model 800-1514 commissioning is fast and simple using CME 2 Windows software, eliminating the laborious wire-and-try setup of earlier technologies. The amplifier communicates with the setup computer via a RS232 link. Industry standard buffered encoder output, ±10V torque command, and all control signals are optically isolated.

Model 800-1514 operates on a 20V - 55V isolated DC supply and delivers two independently controlled outputs (4A peak, 3A continuous) for driving high performance three phase motors. The amplifier also provides a 5Vdc output for encoder and Hall sensor operation.

Measuring 6.58 x 3.9 x 1.17 inches (167 x 99 x 30 mm), Model 800-1514 provides dual-channel status indicators, and protection circuits for voltage, load, temperature and I2t current limiting.


Model 800-1514 provides independent control of two brushless motors, reducing system cost in applications involving multiple drive axes. Compatibility with encoder feedback from many motor types frees designers to mix and match motors from different manufacturers. Typical applications lie in multi-axis equipment for semiconductor fabrication, test and measurement and automated assembly.