The Roll-In Level Loader from Southworth is a manual palletizer that makes loading and unloading full pallets easier than ever. Thanks to cutouts in its unique low-profile platform, the Roll-In allows the forks of a hand pallet truck to literally roll into the platform, level with the top. This innovative design, which accommodates any open-bottom pallet or skid, ensures that the load is evenly placed when the pallet truck is lowered and rolled away.


The Roll-In Level Loader lowers costs and raises productivity. Because workers can feed and offload it with a hand pallet truck, they don’t waste time waiting for a forklift and trained operator to assist them. A powered foot switch allows smooth, hands-free adjustment of platform height, reducing worker fatigue and injuries—the scissor-lift platform can be accessed from all sides with no bending and minimal reach-over. A full-perimeter auto-stop toe guard provides an added measure of safety.


The Roll-In Level Loader is available in two models, with a capacity of either 2,500 or 4,000 lb., respective lowered heights of 3.25 or 4 in., respective raised heights of 35.75 or 36.5 in., and respective platform sizes of 48 x 53 or 51 x 53 in.