June 20, 2006

TechnaGuard was designed as a low cost programmable power monitor to “supervise” the activity of an AC motor. This allows machinery to be protected from undesirable conditions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When an undesirable motor condition is detected (overload, underload, etc.), the TechnaGuard quickly shuts the motor down to protect the driven machinery, and the operators using the equipment.

TechnaGuard offers a variety of benefits from predictive machine maintenance, to saving energy costs. Also, installation is quick and easy, and the digital technology of the TechnaGuard makes it easily programmed.

The TechnaGuard was designed with one factor in mind – to provide an easy and reliable means of machinery protection at a low cost – a product that will pay for itself, again and again, over the life of the equipment.

The TechnaGuard is brought to you by Techna-Tool, a leader in machine and cutting tool monitoring using power, vibration, and contact probes.