Ergonomic Grips

June 24, 2006
ROCHESTER, Mich.(June 1, 2006)-- Harman Corporation of Rochester, Mich., has announced the introduction of a new line of Ergonomic Grips designed to add comfort and improved gripping power for consumer products. The lines includes round grips, finger grabber grips and hanger grips. Manufactured using the dip-molding process, the grips are offered in a wide range of colors and are made from tough, durable PVC and foam. Grips are also available in many sizes and lengths. The finger grabber grips provide slip resistant grooves that make them perfect for many products including bicycles, broom, shovel and lever handles, as well as all types of lawn and garden tools. This style is also available with a loop hanger end which allows products to be displayed on store racks and makes for easy hanging for consumers in garages or basements. Imprinting of product logos or instructional copy can be accomplished using any of three printing processes. Harman Corporation is a world-class manufacturer of dip-molded products with over 35 years of experience. Harman offers global distribution from an inventory of millions of caps, grips, plugs, in addition to a complete line of masking supplies. Harman also provides cost efficient design and tooling expertise for custom product applications. • Maximum Length - 4.500"