Robo-Roller Thread and Form Rolling System

July 4, 2006
Kinefac introduces its new Robo Roller flexible, quick changeover, automated production system for rolling threads, knurls, worms and other forms on bolts, shafts, and similar parts integrating a Fanuc robot with the new Kinefac® MC-15 FI [CNC] Kine-Roller®. This enables the Robo-Roller user to provide automated rolling from a pallet system as shown at IMTS, bulk feed unit, hopper feed, manual load-unload station or in conveyorized system, as shown in the picture without safety guarding. It can handle parts weighing up to 3 lbs. provided there is some grippable feature. The Kine-Trol computer numerical control rolling and part handling system on the Kine-Roller® provides complete operator support to simply specify the thread size, thread length, and rolling die specifications, to establish the rolling cycle and the die match. Robot programs are set up using a teaching pendant and are then stored. Each die spindle has an independent servo drive system allowing numerically programmed rotational die match. The heavy-duty spindle and die actuation system has a maximum radial die load up of 70,000 pounds and can accommodate dies up to 6 3/4 in. diameter and 4 ½ inch face. Depending on the application, Kinefac® provides the necessary part gripping, safety guarding, or Kine-Mat part input or output equipment the user may require.