Portable Filtration and Transfer Unit

July 4, 2006
Having clean oil in a hydraulic system is always an issue. The introduction of clean oil to a system by transferring from the drum to the machine reservoir through the filter unit is an excellent start to operating a system with clean oil. Periodic cycling of the oil through the unit will keep the oil clean. Fluid Power, Inc. offers a Portable Filtration and Transfer Unit. It can save the user money by increasing the life of the hydraulic fluid, increasing the life of critical parts of the hydraulic components, decreasing maintenance downtime because maintenance can be scheduled and the oil in the machine can be cleaned while the machine is in use. These units are ruggedly built and easy to operate. The motor for the unit is ½ HP, 115 Vac with an on/off switch. Flow rate is 420 gallons per hour with a maximum pressure of 65 PSI. The units are provided with a dirt indicator and are available with a variety of micron filter ratings to suit the application. Unit weight is 130 lbs.