HyperPierce Self-equalizing Pierce Units

July 22, 2006

Aries Engineering Co., Inc. manufacturer of HyperCyl® hydra-pneumatic cylinders, is pleased to offer its line of unique, compact press units for high production piercing and assembly.

The HyperPierce® is a flexible, lean, self-equalizing press unit incorporating HyperCyl® hydra-pneumatic drive units. The HyperPierce® operates like the standard cylinders, but the unique frame design allows infinite positioning of the part since the unit will “equalize” the force from both directions during the power stroke of the cylinders, then open the tooling in both directions. Another major advantage of this feature is the ability to place odd-shaped parts directly in to the unit without secondary motion, allowing the tooling to conform as it closes around the workpiece.

The unit is all-steel construction, with only three moving components. Since the unit operates with plant air supply (up to 100 psi) and standard air valves, the noise, heat, and leaks, and maintenance associated with hydraulics are eliminated. Tooling, whether standard or special, is easily accessed for quick changeovers. Like the HyperCyl® hydra-pneumatic drive units, the HyperPierce® can operate in any position or attitude, or at the end of a robotic arm for the ultimate combination of flexibility, power, and cleanliness. The applications expand way beyond piercing—with clinching, forming, welding, riveting, and assembly also common uses of the HyperPierce®. The narrow footprint allows placement of multiple press stations within inches of each other, minimizing part handling and space, suitable to lean manufacturing initiatives.

Sized from 1 to 50 Tons, in both equalizing and non-equalizing designs and with standard and special strokes, a unit can be fitted to the process requirements with little impact on delivery or overall cost, since the unit is built by the same manufacturer as the HyperCyl® units.

Controls, safety devices and force-distance monitoring devices are also available in the HyperPierce® units.