MeccoMark's Q-switched fiber delivered Nd:YAG laser marking system meets marking needs where traditional flash lamp laser markers could be cost-prohibitive. As a stationary part of the assembly process, MeccoMark creates a small footprint of scannable 2D data matrix information in a one-step process. This information provides traceability that facilitates production automation, inventory management, and direct part quality control. Operating as a small, compact unit, the MeccoMark fiber laser will easily integrate into an assembly line and will function with dramatically less factory floor space than traditional laser marking systems. Furthermore, notable safety advantages will better serve assembly line operators. MECCO’s proprietary CDRH Class 1 design safety seal confines the laser beam to a small, light-tight enclosure that will prohibit assembly operators from laser exposure reflected into the eye. At 3000 mm/sec (250 characters per second) covering a surface space up to 18” x 5” x 4”, the MeccoMark fiber laser is ideal for routine marking applications that provide dates, codes, and serialization, as well as other information essential for part service and warranty. The system is pulsed beam for peak power applications and air cooled with no external chiller required. The MeccoMark fiber laser meets all AIAG requirements as specified in the B-4 marking and identification standard and B-17 direct part marking guidelines. The MeccoMark fiber laser is suitable for the marking and tractability needs of all manufacturing and assembly industries involving metal, glass or ceramic direct parts. ABOUT MECCO MECCO, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a leader in direct part solutions for traceability, part verification, and part identification in manufacturing, assembly, and other harsh environments.