Self-Locking TORQ-PATCH Resists Vibration on Any Size Nut

July 15, 2006
Manufacturers can use hex nuts of any grade with shorter bolts to make assemblies lighter -- and still achieve exceptional locking ability and vibration resistance -- with the patented NYLOK BLUE TORQ-PATCH® process from Nylok Corporation. The self-locking nylon patch is permanently spray bonded onto the threads of virtually any type nut. When mating threads are engaged, the element is compressed and a counterforce is created to establish a much stronger metal-to-metal contact, yet allowing the locknuts to be adjusted or reused if needed. The patch can be applied with coverage of 180° or 360° to any nut from as small as #10 (M5) and up. NYLOK BLUE TORQUE-PATCH is ideal for the aerospace, automobile and trucks industries and other applications where weight is critical. There is also increased assembly efficiency because TORQ-PATCH nuts can be assembled from either side. The durable nylon material is non-toxic and user friendly, and is resistant to lubricants, fuels, hydraulic fluids and most commercial solvents. It works with different torque levels in temperatures from -70°F to 250°F (-56°C to 121°C). NYLOK BLUE TORQ-PATCH also meets and exceeds key industry specifications, including major automotive manufacturers and defense industry standards. Nylok Corporation, a member of the Marmon group of companies, holds more patents for innovative fastener technology than any other company and has built a reputation throughout the world for “INNYVATION” in developing products that solve assembly challenges.