2 Become 1: CoroPlus Added to Mastercam 2018

Aug. 21, 2017
Mastercam has incorporated Sandvik Coromant's tool library for digital tool assemblies.

In a move designed to greatly improve efficiency and quality in CAM operations, CoroPlus ToolLibrary and PrimeTurning method from Sandvik Coromant have been integrated in Mastercam 2018. The CoroPlus suite of connected solutions from Sandvik Coromant facilitates digital machining, providing access to real-time process insights and data.  Mastercam is the first CAM software to integrate solutions for both CoroPlus ToolLibrary and PrimeTurning technologies.


CoroPlus ToolLibrary is a digital tool library that removes the need for users to browse catalogs and webpages to find the required tool data. It also allows users to import tool assemblies directly into their CAM system and provides access to tool catalogs containing perfect digital representations of the physical tools. The planning of machining operations using the exact dimensions and models of the tools enables accuracy in CAM programming, thus reducing the risk of collisions during machining. Additional benefits include the considerable time savings created by eliminating the need to search catalogs and other sources for references. Furthermore, assurance is provided that different tool items will always fit together.


Users can find the tool simply by inputting the tool ordering code or using filter commands. The finished assemblies are then imported into Mastercam 2018 with the click of a button, ready for programming and simulation.


 Another part of the new Mastercam release is an option for PrimeTurning. PrimeTurning software enables quick and accurate programming of PrimeTurning, a new methodology that allows machine shops to turn components in all directions with a single tool. CNC Software, developers of the Mastercam software, have partnered with Sandvik Coromant to ensure that CAM users can create programs for PrimeTurning within Mastercam.