The Next Generation of Cleaning Carts

July 26, 2006
Rubbermaid Commercial Products, the leader in helping companies “Work Smarter,” announces an innovative new line of Cleaning Carts. The carts and accessories are designed to improve worker productivity, provide high-capacity storage options, and support the latest in microfiber cleaning technology. “Improving worker efficiency and cutting labor costs were our main goals when we set about designing these new carts,” said Bob Lauer, Product Manager. “We watched how people use their work carts—looking for gaps we could address. The result: our Cleaning Carts help workers get their jobs done faster and easier. And, we increased the storage capacity by 40% while the footprint is virtually unchanged!” The carts offer storage cabinets, with accessibility from both sides, and new Tool Grip rubber mop and broom holders. The new Lock ‘N Go bucket attachment works with Rubbermaid’s WaveBrake® conventional mopping system, as well as the new Microfiber Pedal Wring and Disinfecting Buckets. The universal vacuum holder and 20% larger vinyl waste bag help eliminate repeated trips to supply closets, which improves productivity and reduces labor costs. All Rubbermaid Commercial Products’ Cleaning Carts are constructed from durable, easy-to-clean structural web plastic and non-rusting aluminum. Additional Features The storage area can be enhanced with a full-height Locking Cabinet Kit. By adding the Locking Security Hood, even more supplies and personal items can be kept out of sight and secure. The improved Comfort Grip Cart Handle makes the carts more maneuverable for all users, even when loaded to their full capacity of 250 lbs. Removable storage pails, caddies, and bins are designed to allow easy organization of cleaning items, as well as faster restocking of carts from storage closets.