KFM ESD Magnifier

Aug. 2, 2006
Product Applications: KFM ESD Magnifier is designed for use in static-sensitive environments. Its ESD-safe lens and body guard against uncontrolled static dissipation. Product Description: The glass lens of the KFM ESD Magnifier is protected with a special coating that alters the electrical characteristics at the surface of the material. The shade and arm are powder-coated with a metal-laced paint that measures approximately 1010 ohms/square (static dissipative). Since the surfaces are therefore no longer insulative, triboelectric charging will result in drastically lower voltages. KFM Magnifiers are the industry standard for round-lensed illuminated magnifiers. With die-cast aluminum housing, they are suited for heavy-duty applications especially those that require a combination of optimal illumination and magnification. Each model embodies a five-inch-diameter 3- or 5-diopter optical glass lens. Electronic ballasts improve efficiency by producing 15% more light output than traditional ballasts. Secondary add-on lenses in 4-, 8- or 10- diopter magnification are also available. The 4- and 8-diopter lenses slide into position and away from underneath the cover, via a sturdy lens holder while the 10-diopter accessory lens is attached to the top of the magnifier via a swing away lens mount. A triple-jointed counter-balanced, concealed spring-arm may be ordered in 30- or 45-inch lengths, in clamp-on or circular weighted base. Luxo’s patented internal spring arms allow for infinite positioning. An adjustable neck supports the head which can move vertically and horizontally to provide total flexibility. Once adjusted, perfect balance is maintained by tempered steel springs. Construction & Finishes: KFM Magnifier lenses are mounted in an aluminum housing that is non-corrosive and durable. The inside is finished in white to optimize and evenly distribute light. Black colored finish. All Luxo illuminated magnifiers are UL/CUL listed.