Industrial Rotary Optical Encoders

Aug. 26, 2006
FSI Technologies introduced its newest line of industrial rotary optical encoders, the MBR-1000. According to Fred Turek, FSI's COO, "the MBR-1000 combines FSI cube encoder quality and design at an economical price. Over four decades of engineering and manufacturing experience is embodied in every MBR-1000". The major features of this newest line are: lSingle heavy duty 3/8 shaft and bearings lSingle and dual channel (quadrature) outputs TM lUses industry standard DB9 connectors Pinout to FSI-DB9 standard lOutputs have both source and sink capability lAvailable in 10 different models • Input Voltage - 12-28 VDC • Output – Sqareware 50/50 duty cycle • Shaft Speed - 6000 RPM max