Air Driven Gas Boosters Highlighted in New Catalog

Aug. 16, 2006
Maxpro® technologies introduces a new 12 page catalog detailing the company’s full line of Gas Boosters and Packaged Systems. The Maximator® gas boosters are an excellent alternative to high-pressure stationary type compressors. They offer a compact, lightweight design that requires no electrical power or lubrication, thereby providing a more flexible and efficient source for delivering high-pressure gas. Maximator gas boosters will compress gases such as nitrogen and argon up to 21,750 psi, while oxygen can be compressed up to 5,000 psi using special seals and cleaning procedures. A wide variety of other gases can also be compressed. These boosters can be operated in series or parallel. In addition, this catalog details Maxpro’s line of Gas Booster Packaged Systems. These air driven booster systems are small, lightweight and economical. The systems are shipped assembled and fully tested, ready for turn-key installation. They require no electrical power, providing safe, economical operation.