PERSEUS: AI Compressed Air Leak Detector

June 29, 2023
ei3's AI leak detector for compressed air systems monitors airflow to detect changes in machine behavior, lapses or leaks.

PERSEUS, an optimization solution for compressed air, consists of an advanced edge device and an accompanying IIoT application. The edge device puts ei3’s ConnectedAI to work to help manufacturers save compressed air by developing a consumption baseline that is then used to detect part failures and leaks and their causes.


PERSEUS monitors airflow, creating baseline measurements for its usage, and immediately detects changes in machine behavior, lapses or leaks that lead to over-usage. The AI uses variables such as leak rate, power changes, and machine cycles to identify leaks and monitor machine state and behavior. When optimization opportunities are discovered, PERSEUS immediately notifies an operator. Insights can also be used to track machine failures or the effect of wear-and-tear by identifying changing air usage patterns.


It has been designed to work with the industry-leading innovative Air Management System (AMS) from SMC. The SMC Air Management System easily adds pressure and flow measurement abilities, and a modern data communications tool to a machine’s air preparation assembly. In addition, wireless connectivity permits networking of multiple remote machines to a single base. Using the data stream from SMC devices, PERSEUS is able to analyze the flow and pressure demand of the machines to characterize machine operation, indicate condition-based maintenance needs, and enhance digitalization company-wide.

  • Works with modern pneumatic air management systems
  • Continuously monitors flow and pressure data
  • Learns normal machine operations and analyzes for leak detection
  • Notifies personnel of leaks
  • Stores a local onboard history of all relevant machine data for up to 30 years
  • Scalable
  • Easy to set up