SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic automation products has announced the release of series VMG blow gun. Customers’ interest in energy saving is growing with an increase of energy cost. SMC developed the new series to respond to this demand. SMC will offer a new blow gun, series VMG. Special valve design and construction of VMG can create smooth flow of fluid. In case of nozzle size f2.5mm, loss of outlet pressure will become less than 1%. The VMG has two body colors, urban white and dark blue, and four kinds of nozzles (KN series), male thread, low noise nozzle, high efficiency nozzle, and long copper pipe. Port sizes are *” and 3/8”. Thread types are Rc, NPT, and G. S coupler plug is available as option. • Fluid - Air • Operating pressure range - 0 to 1.0MPa • Proof pressure - 1.5MPa • Ambient and fluid temperature - 5 to 60 C (With no condensation) • Effective area - 30mm (without nozzle)