Aug. 14, 2006
A new Remote I/O device is being introduced as an economical and robust solution to meet a variety of I/O requirements in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and industrial process control applications. The G303 RIO is the new model from G3 Technologies, Inc. The unit has analog, digital, totalizer inputs, and relay outputs. The I/O is designed for direct connection to process signals, requiring no interface components in most cases. The unit communicates either through its RS485 data port for a wired network, or an integral spread-spectrum radio. The radio provides wireless data communications with a high level of data security and RF interference immunity. The G303 RIO wireless I/O device features: ? Industry standard MODBUS Slave RTU communication protocol ? 4 analog inputs, 8 digital inputs, 1 totalizer/rate input, and 4 relay contact (10A) outputs ? Simple DIP switch set-up, no software configuration required ? Spread-spectrum radio wireless data link and/or RS485 ? Optional RS232 or FSK modem supports external and legacy radio systems ? Low power consumption, suitable for solar and other alternate energy applications ? Self-resetting fuses on supply and analog power circuits ? Surge-suppression on all external connections Applications for the new unit include I/O expansion for industrial process controllers (PLC, etc), remote sensors, wireless I/O for geographically remote sites, well-head & pump site automation, solid waste land-fill monitoring, environmental monitoring, remote meter reading (gas, electric, water, etc.), bulk storage monitoring, industrial equipment & material management, facility security, and many other SCADA applications. Markets include petro-chemical, oil/gas production & transportation, water/wastewater, irrigation, power generation, solid waste disposal, and environmental. • Supply Voltage - 10.5 to 16.0 VDC • Dimensions - 8.3L x 4.2W x 1.6H • Operating Temp -40 to 85 degrees C., 10% to 90% relative humidity, non-condensing.