Aug. 3, 2006
Mokon introduces the new Hydrotherm II circulating water temperature control system with stainless steel construction. It is the first system of its kind with stainless steel as the main component for wetted surfaces. The Hydrotherm II systems are compact and portable, occupying approximately 2 square feet of floor space. The Hydrotherm II has a pumping capacity of 25 GPM and 9 kw of heating capacity, with a maximum operating temperature of 250 degreesF to keep machinery working at peak performance. "The new Hydrotherm II was designed with the same engineering philosophy that has made us a leader in the temperature control systems market," says Jeff Mallon, sales manager for Mokon. "The stainless steel construction as well as the Mokon design philosophy, are unmatched in an industry of carbon steel and cast iron systems." The unique high-efficiency heating design, found in all Mokon systems, is replicated in this design with a two-pass stainless steel heating canister. Fluid is forced to take a designed path over the heating elements to increase heat transfer efficiency. Featuring an operator-friendly and easy-to-use microprocessor-based controller, the Hydrotherm II delivers precise temperature control. It also provides an easy access cabinet and a control panel with indicating lights for mode of operation. The Hydrotherm II meets national electrical standards for machinery and comes standard with a UL labeled electrical sub-panel. Mokon offers an extended warranty for the Hydrotherm II.