Sept. 1, 2006
Geerpres announces the availability of the new Geerpres Industrial Mopping System. The Geerpres Industrial Mopping System is designed for use in manufacturing facilities, factories, industrial sites, transportation depots, or locations with heavy-duty equipment. The Geerpres Industrial Mopping System combines a heavy-duty, industrial chassis with two 8-gallon galvanized metal buckets that feature brass drain valves, making it easy to empty bucket contents after cleaning tasks. The premium 6" industrial casters and the welded construction of the mopping system allow for long-term, heavy-duty applications with low maintenance. The ergonomic wringer is utilized to combat Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs), minimize bending, reduce fatigue, and decrease stress and strain on back, shoulders, and hands. To make cleaning tasks easier, an optional upper pre-drain screen for preliminary liquid removal is available. An optional bottom dirt screen separates solid soil from mop water.• Dimensions - 44" L x 20¼" W x 39" H • Shipping Weight - 77 lbs.